1S7 Guns

1S7 typed by Juliette and Lydia

  • Watch the video and try to write down key words / facts
  • Share with your group
  • Organize group discussion.
  • In turns students ask questions / make 1 suggestion.
  • I think / it’s possible that / I believe / From what I understand this is about … / I feel like it’s about … / it shows …

  • Why don ‘t American people want to prohibit fire arms?
  • what is a lobby?

it’s like an official mafia

biggest number of homicides in the us

right to have firearms?

From 94 % of gun violence in the US only 1% is committed by the police in self defence whereas the rest is suicide or murders.

A lot!

  • A stronghold over something : avoir la main mise sur qqchose
  • Port d’arme: gun ownership
  • How many people have the right to carry a gun in the US?

The percentage of victims of suicide is 63%

percentage of homicide 31%

  • What did Obama declare ?

Prayers and talks are not enough



28 thoughts on “1S7 Guns

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    • It’s more dangerous than anything else, a lot of accidents were created with firearms. If you think everybody is dangerous, you can’t live in peace.


    • Sure, American people feel safe when they have a gun, but in really they aren’t, there is 4 times more gun violence in America: gun ownership increases homicides and suicide risks.

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    • Yes, but all these weapons lead to mass shooting. In fact, 31% of the shootings kill someone in a homicide, and the sad reality is that 63% of the shootings lead to suicide. To compare, only 1,4% of the shootings are made by the police and the army. The most tragic is that more than a half of the US citizens are in favor of owning a weapon. Possessing a gun is not safe, even if people think it is.

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    • I agree with the fact American love guns to feel safe.
      In America there IS MUCH violence so they protect themselves as they can.
      Guns are a way to protect for sure and it is a good idea that they want to buy guns for their security.

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    • Yes, some Americans feel safe when they own guns, but when they are scared, they take their guns and sometimes kill people without reason because of fear!
      We saw yesterday that 30 per cent of deaths by guns are homicides and 60 per cent of deaths by guns are suicides… It’s revolting because most victims are killed by guns… Guns stopped their life!
      America must prohibit guns to stop these massacres!

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  2. America is well-known for ITS love of gunS and has the highest rate of gun deaths. There are 88 guns per 100 people.
    An article from the Second Amendment of the US Constitution allows citizens to own guns to feel safe and to have the right to self-defence. For them, freedom and liberty must be defended with force. They want to protect themselves against criminals.


    • A video of VOX speak about the gun violence. The president a a lot of people realized that it’s s the moment to speak about gun control because there have been 1042 mass shooting, and each time, we see damages of mass shooting, and the prayers and thoughts are not enough. It’s actually the time to talk. In the Us, there are 4 times more gun violence than any other developed country in the world. So more guns, more deaths. The are 94 % of suicides and homicides, but just 1 % of selfdefense of the police.More people are against the gun violence but why haven’t they worked. More than half of Americans believe in the right to own guns.

      There is an other video: “Why does America love guns ?”

      All the world know that Americans love guns. There are 88 guns per 100 people. The gun MEANS a lot of things in the history of Americans. In 1791, the laws about gun control was created. It’s a symbol of freedom and liberty. They think that they protect themselves. It’s good to arrest a bad guy who have a gun Americans think « You dont’ shoot to kill, shoot to stay alive »
      So, more guns = more homicides. Children are 17 times more likely to be murdered by firearms than children in other industrialized nations.

      So the gun it’s a good way to protect the population, but it create a lot of homicides and suicides.


    • I agree with you, americans love guns. And it’s not always a solution. People could kill someone for a “yes” or a “no”? It’s not okay. Owning guns have to be better regulated. And do those who don’t own guns feel safe ? I don’t think so. So they buy guns. It’s a vicious circle.

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    • I agree with you, americans feel safe with their guns, but the right to have a gun must be more secure because of suicides and gun deaths, and safety mustn’t be defended with force but with the justice.

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    • Guns can protect people but they can kill them as well. I agree with you, this right allows citizens to defend themselves if they are attacked by someone, if there is a danger. But in my point of view, this Second Amendment doesn’t only protect people or save them, it creates criminals who have the opportunity all the time to commit mass shooting. It’s because of this Amendment that The United-States have the most of homicides, suicides, crimes, and surely, this drives people crazy!

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    • I agree with Jade, they want to feel safe but in fact I think it’s a pretext. People are now paranoid, they think without a gun they can’t survive: a way of thinking, a mentality which can cause a lot of deaths. Now, some people carry a gun and kill people with it, nothing to do with safety. Indeed now there is much more gun deaths caused by homicide or suicide than from self defence or committed by the police. Americans are just killing each other more than protecting themselves. That’s why America is four times more violent than any other developed country. they have to take measures to make sure unjustified deaths are not caused again, not anyone should normally carry a gun (control ownership, checking, licensing…)

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  3. The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United StateS gives people / citizens the right to keep and bear arms. The Americans’ love for guns comes from their history.


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