US history by M. Moore

Recreate the chronology of US history with images and legends.

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A Brief History of the United States of America

Worksheet Brief History of America

PART 1By Souhailla

1. “Once upon a time”: in which literary genre do you usually read this expression?

Fairy tales

  1. Who speaks between brackets? Pilgrims fathers
  2. Is it true that they feel safer? No, it’s not.
  3. What scares them in this passage? Being persecuted scares them./ Getting killed or attacked by savages scares them.
  1. What is the logical consequence of feeling scared for a pilgrim?

They kill anyone who scares them.

PART 2 by Yanis

  1. Find the translations of “sorcière”.witchexterminer”: wipe out2. What is the logical consequence of not feeling safe in this passage? They burn anyone who looks suspicious for their own community.

    3. “I love my gun, loves my gun!”: remember what you see in the cartoon: They hug their weapons

    4. So, the gun could be compared to

a teddy bear (ours en peluche)

5. What scares them in this passage?

They’re scared of the British , or of losing their gun.

PART 3 by Marine

  1. What scares the white people in this passage?

White people are outnumbered by black people.

  1. What is the allusion to the modern American culture?

Walmart > famous supermarket

  1. What does it show about slavery, today in the USA?

Exploitation in America might be a new form of slavery.

  1. What was the consequence of slavery for the country? The country became the richest of the world.
  2. Explain in English:

outnumbered”: it means White people became the minority / Black people are more numerous than White people.

their heads got chopped off”: they were beheaded / their heads were cut off.

Part 4 by Paco

Part 4 – Paco

  1. Explain in your own words why Samuel Colt’s invention is a luck for the white people:

    They could fire more shots because they didn’t need to reload.

  2. How do the white people feel now? Explain “Yee-ah!”: what aspect of the American culture does it remind you of? It reminds me of the cowboys
  3. How does the gun law work? How is it linked to the KKK?

    Black people can’t own guns, it’s related to the KKK racist ideas.

  4. it was just a coincidence”. Comment on this statement: It’s ironical/Maybe it’s the truth, it’s not proven.
  5. What scares white people in this passage?

    Black people retaliating / avenging themselves scares white people / they are scared Black people might retaliate.


Part 5 – Leila

  1. Which law did the black woman break? Jim Crow law and bus segregation laws
  2. Describe the reaction of the white people: Chocked, surprised
  3. Can you imagine what happened to the black woman eventually? She was arrested, found guilty, and fined
  4. How would you qualify the link between the crime and its punishment? Disproportionate
  5. Find the translations of:

-“c’est infernal”: all hell broke loose “quartier: neighborhood

-“tranquille”: safe-“verrou”: lock –“banlieue”: …..suburb………………

  1. What scares the white people in this passage?

    Black people everywhere started demanding their rights

  1. What do the white people do now? How does it help you describe the typical American city?

    They move to the suburbs where they feel safer and they lock themselves away, they buy guns, alarms, etc… This image mirrors the typical American city because it’s geographical segregation all over again.

8. “And everyone lived happily ever after”: find another phrase in the text alluding to the same cultural reference:

Once upon a time



Michael Moore shows a very ironical / cynical and satirical view of the history of America. He insists on fear and paranoia which urged Americans to buy guns. This video shows the limits and the dangers of the power of the people. When people are in charge of politics and can put pressure on politicians with lobbies such as the National Rifle Association for example, laws can become unfair or extreme. It can lead to fear, violence and racism.


Words are Weapons – Reading Comprehension + Essay question



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