Recap’ Guantanamo / Power

Places & Forms of Power.


Study case: Guantanamo

  •  Official powerSee original image

EX> Bush administration ‘Global War on Terror’ after 9/11 = new laws ‘state of emergency’ (> same as French laws after Nov 13th.)

Not blocked by Congress or Supreme Court.

Powerful executive power = creation of Guantanamo. :/

See original image


More power given to the executive branch (>Bush) = more police = > more security?

EX> Obama = promised to close Guantanamo but blocked by Congress.

Congress = Legislative power >  blocks President (Executive Power)

Less power given to executive (> Obama) = impossible to close Guantanamo :/


  • power of the people?See original image

EX > Amnesty International


EX. petition against Guantanamo > Amnesty International is a Non-Governmental Organization fighting for human rights worldwide. They make people aware of the abuse and torture in Guantanamo. They want the International Community to help close Guantanamo. prisoners have no rights > but the US is a democracy so they must have rights: to get a lawyer and have a fair trial.



400 × 275 –

Other examples:

Sit-Ins in 1960S > Freedom Fighters

– Bus Boycotts & Freedom Riders

>> peaceful protests




– more violent actions

> Black Panthers

>> terrorism?




In the US as in any democracy, people had to fight and still fight for their rights.

Today the prison of Guantanamo started a controversy around the rights of terrorists.

Are they still considered as citizens (Obama) or as ‘enemy combatants’ (Bush) ?

Should the executive branch ( police / army / president )have more power in times of ‘war’?

Do you have to break the law (devenir hors-la-loi) to change the law?

(Ex. Freedom Fighters or Black Panthers).

Are the American values of freedom and democracy still standing?

(Ex. Guantanamo, Mexican Immigrants, Death Penalty)



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