2ndes Global WarNing Keywords

Prepare your dialogue for Monday 7th!

Dialogue Suzie & father

KEYWORDS Global WarNing!

by Fatou


  • dangerous sun rays
  • polar bears
  • ocean
  • greenhouses gazes
  • politicians
  • solutions
  • rising sea levels
  • ice cubes
  • atmosphere
  • melting
  • sun beam
  • global warming
  • iceberg
  • fossil fuels
  • weather
  • resources
  • temperature
  • ice cap
  • pollution
  • renewable energies
  • to cycle instead of driving a car
  • use energy efficient light bulbs
  • we should / we must stop polluting
  • litter / throw waste around
  • We used all the fossil fuels so we need to create renewable energies
  • sea levels are rising because icebergs are melting
  • sun rays increased the temperature on Earth
  • Because of greenhouse gases icebergs, are melting
  • Greenhouse gases from pollution increase the temperature of the Earth so sea levels will rise because the icecap is melting
  • What is “global warming” ?
  • What are greenhouse gases ?
  • Why is the sea level rising ?
  • What is the solution ?
  • If the icecap melts where will polar bears live ?
  • Are we gonna die ?
  • Why is my ice cream melting ?
  • Where does pollution come from ?
  • An innocent little girl’s question
  • But if the ocean rise , could we have a pool in the garden ?
  • Why don’t developing countries politicians stop to use fossil fuels ?
  • If the icebergs melt, can I still eat ice cream ?

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