Micro TES TL 1L Guantanamo Explained

Guantanamo Explained

  • a lease: un bail
  • limbo: limbes (flou)
  • location: endroit
  • a detainee: un détenu
  • to hold in captivity: détenir
  • an orange jumpsuit: une combinaison orange
  • to be shackled: être enchaîné
  • makeshift: de fortune
  • outrage: indignation
  • allegations= claims: fortes présomptions
  • mainland: territoire US
  • trial: procès
  • to go through: traverser une épreuve
  • to be convicted of : être reconnu coupable de qqchose ( preuves)
  • to face charges: être accusé ( avant le procès)
  • still: toujours / encore ds le tps
  • to be clear of charges: être innocenté / acquitted : acquité
  • to be released: être relâché
  • hunger strike: grêve de la faim

G > geographical political & legal anomaly

US military base situated on the Southern tip of Cuba lease of Communist state

location chosen deliberately Bush administration to hold suspects in global war on terror

outside US jurisdiction / limits the rights of detainees

1st detainees arrived in Jan 2002 soon after the invasion of Afghanistan

paraded for the in orange jumpsuits > shackeled in makeshift cages / quickly became focus of international outrage > allegations of abuse & torture

When Obama came to power close down within a year > Congress

blocked any move > any move to transfer to US mainland for trial

President appears to have lost his earlier enthusiasm

779 gone through Guantanamo

166 held there still

just 3 convicted of terrorism charges

6 facing charges

most are cleared for release

growing concern about the fate of those desperate about situation

> left in legal limbo

this is not the first time there s a hunger strike

6 committed suicide

200 million dollars asked by Pentagon to carry out works at the camp.


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