Micro TES TL 1L Can people change political decisions?

Sylvain is optimistic:

We live in a democracy so people have the right to vote and that’s a way to voice your opinion.

Most political decisions are very serious* and important for people’s country /

homeland but also on a global scale.*

That’s why most people can’t understand most geopolitical agendas.

What’s more the population doesn’t feel directly concerned.

Paco’s pessimistic opinion > political decisions are related to the influence of money not people.

Politicians own the media so we are stuck / manipulated. / brainwashed.

People can have their say sometimes because politicians want to give us the illusion we can change things on a small level. But for bigger political agendas* we are on the side.

Under an oppressive regime, the only way is to start a revolution, protest and boycott. So sometimes we have to break the law to change the law.


French Revolution / Civil Rights Movements.

Arab Spring > people’s protest against oppressive government > success thanks to social media.

Civil Rights Movements.> Rosa Parks / MLK / Malcolm X



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