Kids Ocean Day

1- Number the images in the correct order.

2  4  6

1   3  5

2- Keywords!


Take notes.

  1. type of doc

  2. main idea?

  3. who?

  4. where?

  5. What are they doing?

  6. why?


  • A shark and a shield: un requin et un bouclier
  • styrofoam: polystirène
  • waste: déchets / report / documentary / interview / live from
  • a sketch: un dessin
  • to get rid of : se débarasser de / to clean up: éliminer / nettoyer
  • to gather : se rassembler / a gathering un rassemblement

3- Recap’ everything you understand in French or English. Get organized.

4- b1 bonus Why is there a helicopter?

5- b1 bonus React! What do you think about this project? Efficient? Useless?


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