Global WarNing English Lab!

to give / deliver a speech: faire un discours

I expect her to + BV : je m’attends à ce qu’elle …

I think she will …

a meeting: une réunion

struggle against / fight against: se battre contre

if it goes on like this … : si ça continue comme ça

I think I will hear a girl’s speech about the environment.

In 1992, 12-year-old Canadian Severn Suzuki spoke at the Earth Summit in Rio with eloquence and passion in front of world leaders. Now known as “The Girl Who Silenced the World for 6 Minutes”, the video clip of the speech is still making rounds on YouTube, continuing to inspire youth all over the world.

I think this girl is going to speak about Global Warming.

She looks young. She is in front of United Nations representatives / leaders. She must feel stressed but she is strong-minded. She is 12 years old. It takes place in Rio in South America in 1992 for the Earth Summit of the United Nations. Her speech is on YouTube so many people can watch it and become aware of Global Warming.


Who? Name, age, origin?

Severn Suzuki

12 years old

comes from Canada, Vancouver

Where? In Rio

What about? Global Warming and the environment


Her name is Severn Suzuki, she’s 12.

She comes from Vacouver, Canada.

She delivered * her speech in Rio, in South America.

She spoke about the nevironment in front of world leaders.

To deliver / to give a speech: faire un discours.

to be strong-minded / determined: être déterminée

Try to finish you work with the documents:

Severn Suzuki


4 thoughts on “Global WarNing English Lab!

  1. Anaïs
    If we look at the picture on the top of the question, we can see “united nations conference on environment and development” and a lot of people sit. I think that these people will speak about the environment ( ice melting, animals,…) and development ( child labour, countries in war,…) and I expect that the outcome will be the same as for all others conferences ( people here will just speak, argue, but not take any action )


  2. Hello, i’m Tuän, from the 2°K. I don’t know how to send you the work about Severn Suzuki, but I’ve do it, so, i’m very dissapointed :/


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