1S Get Involved! Taskfroce 1 US Civil Rights

Projects must include minimum 1minute English speaking performance per student ( live / on film / or voice over)

They are due on December 14th.

Recap’ grid Take a stand Team task force 1 civil rightsScreen Shot 2015-11-09 at 20.57.28

Lesson notes Grp B 10/11

Different means of protest?

SPEECH / Famous black people spoke up > to give / deliver a speech. ‘I have a dream’ sounds like a poem / very catchy / rhetorical


EX. Freedom riders > boycott segregated bus > create their own integrated bus system > very risky / radical and illegal BUT justified because the law was racist.

Sometimes heroes must break the law. (Rosa Parks / Robin Hood)

SIT-INS / stop working in a factory / sit down and don’t move in places where Black people were not allowed ( restaurants / coffee shop / libraries …) ‘ die-ins ‘ Black Lives Matter

TAKE PICTURES / to document facts / have proof / denounce violence / inequalities / striking image to shock public opinion.

Students react: what’s the best strategy?

I think the best strategy is to break the law.

I agree because segregation laws were racist.

For example when Freedom Riders boycotted the segregated

bus system they could have been arrested.

Also sit-ins are peaceful but they break the law so it’s dangerous for Black people too.

Martin Luther King gave his famous speech ‘I have a Dream’ in 1968. I believe speeches are more powerful than sit ins / the most powerful strategy as / because we can remember it and study it at school today.

But taking pictures is also necessary to remember these actions.

Today with the Internet it’s easier to promote a cause, everything goes viral compared to media in the past.

HW – For Monday :

What do you need ? What is your plan ? Who does what ?

Grp A


  • unfair : injuste

  • catchy : percutant

  • BREAK THE LAW : enfreindre les lois

  • striking : choquant

  • facts : les faits

  • proof / evidence : preuves

  • to be allowed to do sthg : être autorisé à faire qqchose.

  • Peaceful : non-violent

  • powerful : puissant

Documents to study with your team.

Students teams cause strategiesScreen Shot 2015-11-09 at 20.57.41

TaskForce – stand for a causeScreen Shot 2015-11-09 at 20.58.09


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