What makes a hero ?

Are all heroes famous ?

Can everyone be a hero ?

Why do we know more heroes than heroines ?

Are soldiers more heroic than war journalists ?

Do you need to be dead to be a hero ?

Do heroes have to die for their cause ?

How do people become heroes ?

Are heroes needed today ?

Wesley Autrey

Are heroes needed today?

WHO? born on February 6th, 1956. / He is 59. / American

Nature of DOC? video report

  • article from the British newspaper ‘the Mirror’ Kingdom

To finish hero bac memo au propre

+ oral interview .mp3 sur votre problématique avec exemples des cours (noté si c’est bien! )

+ type bac LV2

http://www.franglish.fr/bac/met_techno_LV2_sept2015.pdfbac memo


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