1S7 – soldiers & war photographers

  • Brainstrom vocab
  • Teamwork Get organized
  • Use markers & linkwords to be coherent and convincing!


First soldiers risk their lives for the values of their homeland / fatherland (patrie) for example freedom of speech, girls education, or religious beliefs. They also follow political agendas for example geopolitical issues like control over oil or nuclear power in the Middle East or to gain more territories like Russian forces in Ukraine.

We can say it’s the same for journalists who risk their lives when they go to war zones where they could die to tell us the truth about the horros of war, they also fight for a vision.

But soldiers follow orders whereas / while journalists sometimes criticize the origin of wars and denounce governments’ political agendas.

Heroes:prevent something from happening , act for common good, humble, selfless, fearless,courageous,human instinct, good cause,justice,protect others,no need to be famous,not only men, sacrificing,costumes

War journalists : courageous, to make us, brave,for information/news ,record/report/take,react,tell me,truth,proof,pictures,evidence,interviews, show us , the violence/horrors of war / they criticize / denounce / take a stand against / speak up

Soldiers : terrorism, oppresion,fatherland,segregation,racism,human rights,for the land,tranches,world war 1 (14-18)

World War 2 1939-45) nazism

territories, oil > today



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