TL & 1L Power of Advertising corrections

Sell and Spin: The Power of Advertising> examples of BAC Intro for oral interviews. 

Complete with what you can hear!

Intro …Sell and Spin: The Power of Advertising

Selling has always meant … Grabbing attention .

The point? Moving the …..product…………………… .

The means? Tapping into … desire , creating … need .

This is a story of explanation, … exaggeration and even exploitation.

0’55 Part 1 What is advertising ?

Dating from the 1400s, the word is derived from ‘advertisen’ meaning to

notify .

Barbara Lippert

It’s a way to get to people’s subconscious,

Unconscious to sort of delight their eyeballs and

motivate them into some kind of … consumer

behaviour by giving them … images and … words .“

James Twitchell

I’ve always … loved advertising because it’s always

working under the … illusion that it’s directed just to

me . Nothing is more … narcissistic than to think

that somebody really … Cares about you.

3’56 Part 5 Advertising is like religion

JT “What these … companies are doing is exactly the same thing that

religions did. They are moving a series of images through a …culture,

promising, very much like …religion, a kind of not …pleasure in the

next world but pleasure and acceptance in … this world. And there is

nothing more …powerful

Online Dating Vocab / True & False

Advertising works in many different ways but most effective advertisements are in some ways memorable. Unless we can remember what it was about, it failed.

Many ads try to make the product glamourous. This may be achieved by getting a star to endorse / represent the product.

There is also the category of awareness ads which urge us to be aware of the dangers / warn us about the dangers of smoking for ex.

Correction Reading Online Dating

Correction Reading Online Dating

Mr Right : 2

Consumer group: 3

revolutionizing: 8

Britons: 4

Component: 6

systematic : 7

imperative: 1

courtship: 5

1- True ‘revolutionizing the way people meet…’

2- False ‘so many of our former members have found love… “

3- True ‘ it’s easier to meet someone on a dating than in other ways… ‘

4- True ‘ revolutionizing … “

5- False ‘more’

6- False ‘ men were more likely…”

7 – True


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