1S7 – Revisions > Writing

Method : arguments & essay writing

Ex. I strongly believe that war photoraphers are more heroic because even if they go to dangerous countries like soldiers they are alone and they can get kidnapped like some journalists from the New York Times in Libya.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 23.12.44

Method for essay writing:

1- create word cloud around keywords from question / 10 keywords from our lessons

here: heroes / journalists / sodiers (sacrifice themselves / speak up / take risks / prevent sthg from Ving … )

2- get organized : compare with different criteria (here: dangers? motivations? alone? ) decide which is more or less heroic and why.

3- write your paragraph using 1 opinion marler / 1 linkwork / 1 keyword / 1 example from lesson or personal.

2015-10-12 17.00.21


  • What are Bosch’s feelings towards Hank Zinn? (Justify with elements from the text)
  • Who are the most heroic between soldiers and war photographers?

    Give your opinion. Explain why.

  • Watch videos and say what you understand.




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