TSTMG 4 – Victoria Soto & Newton shooting

HW = TEST ON Tuesday, October 6th ! revise WH-questions + lessons ‘everyday heroes’.

WH- questions! Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 23.29.53

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What is the nature of this document?

This document is a TV news report.

When did it take place? When did it happen?

It happened / it took place 3 years ago on December 14th, 2012.

Chronolgy of events ( évènements) What happened? by Zined & Chloé corrected by Miss E.

  1. Adam Lanza / the gunman entered the school.
  2. Some staff members hid under the tables ( dived = ont plongé)
  3. Victoria hid / put her kids in the closet / she tried to protect her kids by putting them in the storage room.
  4. She blocked the bullets with her body. She was shot. She died.
  5. Other staff members were killed.
  6. Victoria’s cousin was interviewed on TV.

WHO was involved?

Adam Lanza the gunman / the murderer (tireur / assassin)

Victoria who was 27 and a teacher.

Other staff members: Dawn = school principal + Mary = psychologist  (shot to death / dead > morts) / Nathaly = teacher (injured / wounded : blessée)

Who is mentioned?

Jim= Victoria’s cousin. Interviewed after the tragedy.

Martin: Daily Mail journalist.

Where did it take place?

In an elementary school in Newton, in the USA.

In a classroom / in the storage room or closet.


  • She sacrificed herself to save the kids.
  • She didn’t think twice / she didn’t hesitate.
  • She could have escaped / died / hidden herself but she didn’t.
  • Maybe she was acting because of her mother instinct.

Older posts: https://beeoclock.wordpress.com/2012/12/23/tles-s-es-stg-listening-comprehension-primary-school-shooting/

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