Micro TL LVA Power of Advertising

We live in a consumerist society because we buy things we don’t really need, we are influenced by ads everywhere.

1. Advertising is B. a tool used to get you to do, buy, or think

2- advertising techniques?
A. humor
B. hype
D. endorsements

3- If you check out your favorite bands online, what kinds of online ads are you more likely to see?
A. music ads

4. Where would be a good place to put an ad targeted to children?
B. a cartoon show
5. Advertisers learn about their target audiences by .
A. asking them what they like
B. doing research about them
C. looking at the products they already use

7. Which of the following is an example of a call to action?
A. “Buy now!”
8. Why is advertising important to free TV shows, radio stations, and websites?

to get funding / to get money so they can be published or broadcasted.
9. Why would a company use advertising? to sell more / to get famous / for customers to keep buying the same brand.
10. Is it important to educate people about
advertising? Why or why not?

to make people aware of the dangers behind advertising ( eating disorders related to skinny models or junk food / to know what we buy and why we buy it / to understand the world we live in / to be aware of clichés and stereotypes.

HW – Find ideas for a spoof ad / a parody of a dating site.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 15.16.32



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