LMA LELE Literary Genres


  1. Fiction: stories that come from the author’s imagination.
    • Historical Fiction: based on a person or event from history.
    • Science Fiction: dealing with aliens, the distant future, or advanced technology.
    • Fantasy: containing monsters, magic, or other supernatural elements.
    • Realistic Fiction: a story that could have happened, but didn’t.

  1. Nonfiction: writing that is true or factual.
    • Informational Writing: provides information on a topic.
    • Persuasive Writing: attempts to influence the reader.
    • Autobiography: the story of one’s life told by oneself.
    • Biography: the story of one’s life told by another.
  2. Drama: writing that is meant to be acted on a stage (a play).
    • Comedy: has a happy ending.
    • Tragedy: ends in death and sadness.
  3. Poetry:  writing that is concerned with the beauty of language
  4. Folklore: stories handed down through speech from generation to generation.
    • Fairy Tale: a story with magic, monsters, and/or talking animals (like fiction / fantasy, but part of the oral tradition).
    • Fable: a very short story that has a moral or life lesson; usually has talking animals as main characters.
    • Myth: has gods or goddesses and often accounts for how something came to be.
    • Legend: an exaggerated story about something that may have been real at one time.
    • Tall Tale: stories set in the Wild West; the main character’s strengths, skills, or size have been exaggerated and the tone is funny.

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