Micro TE / TL – Everyday heroes – Videos + Top 3

TOP 3 Most heroic!

3 American soldiers – on a train – In Belgium – stopped a guy from killing passengers (empêcher de tuer)

> saved many people – stopped a terrorist attack – trained soldiers (entraîné) – did their duty – risked their lives while they were on holiday. could have been killed if they didn’t do something

Wesley Autrey – jumped on train tracks (rails) to save a man – in front of his 2 daughters – in New York – subway

> split second decision – set an example – didn’t have to do it – acted alone – risked his life to save a stranger’s life.(la vie d’un inconnu)

Supergran – Ann Timson – 71 years old – stopped 6 robbers jewelry store – Northampton – motorbikes – no fame – no interviews

> didn’t have to intervene but did it anyway (quand même) – old woman with nothing to loose ( but everything to prove!) – brave – not aware (inconscient) of the danger – cared about the safety (sécurité) of her neighbourhood – could have called (aurait pu)  the police instead (au lieu d’agir).

They are all everyday heroes in their own way (à leur façon) but for me the 3 Americans are the most heroic / bravest because they saved more people than Wesley.

For me Wesley is the most heroic because he could have been killed.

In my opinion SUpergran is the most heroic because despite (malgré) her age she stopped 6 men. Even if she is an old woman she decided to make a difference.

WH- QUEStions!

Use DO / DID for actions and IS / ARE when verb-ING.

When question is about the SUBJECT > IS or VERB with no auxiliary.

When question is about the OBJECT

> use IS ° ARE /  DOES ° DO (present)

Ex. Where DOES it take place?

>>WAS ° WERE /  DID (past)

Ex. Where DID it take place?

2015-09-23 16.25.30

Wtach 3 videos

Take notes & answer questions

HW – create a chronology of events / prepare Wh- questions and answers . ‘Work it out / Read and Comment / Heroism or not? with Victoria Soto document.



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