LMA – LVA – Everyday Heroes – syntax & Real Life TV show!

  • SIMPLE PAST = Precise date 

she saved // she didn’t save anyone yesterday. // Did she save anyone?

Precise date – I went to London last here. In 2014

  • PRESENT PERFECT = indefinite / link present past

I have lived in London for a year now I speak fluent English.

> Still in London / as a consequence my English is good.

Have you ever travelled before? Past experience.

she hasn’t saved anyone in the past 2 years.

Malala fights for the common good like the 3 Americans who prevented the attack although it was dangerous.

Although it is dangerous, Malala fights for the common good like the 3 Americans who prevented the attack.

In a non-free country / In a country where people are not free she was courageous enough to speak up and fight for girls’ / young women education.

Simple present: she saves / she doesn’t save

TV SHOW Questions

  1. What is the definition of a hero for you?
  2. What are they supposed to do?
  3. How and When did you take the decision to act like that?
  4. What urges you to act in an emergency like that?
  5. How do you feel about being famous?
  6. Any request for interviews?
  7. Do you think the media are responsible for your fame?
  8. I feel like you all show a different side of what a hero is or should be.
  9. You all challenged authority / question the police or the regime you live in , Can a hero break the law? / take drugs? / Aren’t they supposed to set a good example?
  10. Do you think you’ll be remembered forever?
  11. Is there anyone here who is a fraud?

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