1L LELE THE IMAGINARY – Jekyll’s dual personality –

Dr Jekyll’s dual portrait

DrJekyll’s dual portrait

1- 2 characters are described.

2- See text.

Difficult task because some adjectives seem to apply to both physical and moral for example ‘wrong’ and ‘dual’. Also ‘irregularities’ can apply to both physical and moral. In fact Dr Jekyll’s and Mr Hyde’s portraits are very confusing, physical details have a moral dimension, Hyde is both ugly and damned, while Jekyll is both ‘kind’ and ‘well-made’. > evil / ugly vs. good / well-made . But it’s not black and white as we know Jekyll is a hypocrite and his appearance is just a veneer / superficial.

4- Extract 2 and 5 are similar because they are 1st person narratives, we read Dr Jekyll’s confession / inner thoughts. It’s an internal point of view, we are reading his personal / private diary.

5- We realize he knows / he is aware of his mental condition as if he wanted to be divided. So he is schizophrenic / insane in a way but in another way he is rational / he knows what’s going on.

6- See picture + use new adjectives.


Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 19.52.39


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