Micro TEs LVO Everyday heroes

What’s a hero for you?

Not just historical / famous
Brave / an exception / makes a difference
Everyone/anyone can be a hero but not everyone is !
Here to help you succeed
Takes risks /  risks his/her life
Soldiers  / firefighters / volunteers in charity / teachers …

dogs can do heroic things for you too!
Common points: Anonymous / not famous (maybe for one day with the help of YouTube! / humble > we call them real life heroes or everyday heroes.

  • What is it? TV news report from CBS

What is it about? What is the message?

A robbery / 6 robbers / an old woman / a granny who stopped 6 robbers

with her handbag.

She didn’t want to get famous / to do interviews.

Anyone can be hero even at 71 years old! 

  • Pictos 5W_When   When is it happening? Recently / in 2011 / 4 years ago
  • Pictos 5W_WhereWhere is it happening? In the UK / Northampton
  • Pictos 5W_WhoWho is it talking about ? Ann Timson 71 years old
  • Who is talking? Reporters
  • Pictos 5W_WhatWhat is it about? What is going on? : An old lady stops a robbery.
  • Pictos 5W_WhyWhat is the message? Why did she do that? > she wants to live in a safer street.
  • Your Reactions: unexpected / surprising / funny 

HW 2 videos to watch on the blog beeoclock.wordpress.com

use WH? Find keywords



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