Micro 1L & TL The POwer of Advertising!


  • Ads : les pubs
  • advertising: la publicité

universal message /

appealing / eye-catching : attractif

customers / targets : clients / cibles

Harry Potter > kids ≤ icecream

book and product have the same target: kids.

  • Books # ads

in books : archetypes / allegories

in ads: clichés / steretypes / propaganda / idea of perfection/ happiness.

  • Old TV ad / commercial for Rice Krispies

brand: Kellogg’s

US ads from the 60S used techniques such as jingles / music / visual effects and catchphrases.

They also created gender stereotypes (girls: food / cosmetics / pink) boys ( guns / blue)

Today it’s the same stereotypes and it’s even worse.

Women’s naked bodies in ads for fragrance / men have have to be strong and protective.

  • Awareness campaign / sppof ad for “Manpons” fake product

men are targeted but stereotypes are debunked / criticized / questioned.

It urges you to sign a petition to build more toilets for women.

Ad for Mercedes > unexpected ending.

Plays on stereotypes > brains & beauty.

AD AWARE > ads study

Abel & Cole promotes healthy / organic food WHILE / WHEREAS Mc Donald’s promotes junk food.

Instead of promoting junk food, A & C promotes organic food.


Ads for Lung Cancer Foundation are awareness campaign ads ( they make you aware of a problem) whereas YouTube ads promotes the Internet.

Catchphrases: Cupcakes never a mistake! Make no mistake, buy our cupcakes!

Wanna be a Fashionista, buy Dolce & Gabbana!

Always classy driving your Ferrari!

Create Catchy slogans

HW find catchphrase for streetwear fashion brand. + answer quiz on ads


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