TSTMG – Real Life Superheroes – “Can anyone be a hero?”

REAL LIFE SUPERHEROES “Can anyone be a hero?”

This video talks about ordinary people who act like superheroes but they are fake heroes / they don’t have any superpowers. They try to fight evil / make society a better place. Ordinary people wear superhero masks to hide their identity and fight crime

 They have day jobs but they like to help homeless people and give them food at night. The problem is they also fight drug dealers. They wear masks because they don’t want people to know who they are, maybe they want to attract / draw people’s attention or set an example. They take risks because they don’t have any badge so they can make things worse. 

By Zined, Romain & Baptiste corrected by Miss E.

when : red / where : blue / who: green / orange : why

HW finish repérage with colours & vocabulary ex. / learn new voc. 

RLSHreading comprehension correct stmg


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