Micro TL LVA Spot the book!


All these ads use references to books or characters ( personnages). They urge us ( nous forcent) to buy a product (ads) or think about a good cause ( donate our blood or donate money for kids education > awareness campaigns)

Theu all use a reference as a metaphor. For example a Mikado biscuit represents good and evil like Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde.

Peter Pan is also a symbol for youth (jeunesse) and imagination.

Dracula is the archetype of the vampire, the ultimate model.

Ads create stereotypes like Alice the pretty and young blond girl.

  • An ad: une pub
  • An awareness campaign: campagne de sensibilisation
  • packaging: emballage

Find similarities and differences between books and ads.

sell a product vs sell ideas

manipulate / brainwash vs question / inspire

Oversized1  Berry POtter AmericanRedCross Mordor WordsofHope


Our first notion (s) ?

Myth and heroMyths & Heroes (archetypes / stereotypes)

powerPlaces and Forms of Power (books / ads > media)

HW – Find the notion with this video!


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