TSTMG – Test + Real Life Super Heroes

It’s raining cats and dogs. It’s pissing down today and Samy is late! September 22nd. 

  • I think I can compare Malala to the Black people who fight for their rights.    
  • verbes present simple pluriel pas de ‘s’ ( he / she / it < singulier)  / them : eux / their : à eux 
  • Malala looks a little like the Granny because they continue their fight even if it’s dangerous. 

  • She was attacked by Talibans but she continues to fight for girls in Pakistan. 
  • passive voice  be (aux.) V-ed 
  • pluriel indéfini > sans ‘the’ 
  • Talibans want to kill her because she wants to go to school. 
  • Malala wasn’t afraid to speak up for girls’ rights.
  • do + not + have 
  • / doesn’t have any 
  • ous > adj / -ly : adv 
  • People love her and respect her for what she did. 
    • She wants to become an icon for women’s rights / freedom. 
    • She hasn’t got any superpower but she has got courage. / is courageous 

Watch 1’47 – 3’44


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