1S7 Real Life Superheroes

September 22nd

Real Life Superheroes

Where ? It takes place in NY.

Who ? The journalist, three Real Life Superheroes (Phantom zero, the Dark guardian, Life) they are interviewed. A woman is a witness in the street, a homeless / poor guy, a drug-dealer.

What ? Three ordinary people decide to dress up as superheroes. They take care of homeless people, they give them food, socks and shelters. Real Life Superheroes try to fight gangsters at night in a park in NY. They try to make a difference, they try to save the world and try to make society a better place. They are anonymous and their names come from blockbusters movies. For them New York is Gotham.

RLSH are not respected. Gangsters don’t respect them because they don’t have police badges. They try to fight crime but they look stupid. The police is afraid for them because they can get killed. But they arrive earlier on the crime scenes. So they can make things worse or stop the crime. 

typed by Vanessa.

when : purple 

who: green

where: pink

why: blue

Grp B copy Vanessa’s blog post in notebooks. HW finish text + colours + vocab ex.

Grp A Read text and do ex. RLSH S7 lesson notes


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