2ndes – Selfies

video study

Catching a daughter doing selfies on video

The girl takes pictures of herself. Her dad is filming her to mock her / to ridicule her / make fun of her / humiliate her / kick her ass* / tell her off. She must feel betrayed / humiliated . Maybe he wants her to question herself.

He wants to show that she is crazy. She takes too many selfies with duck faces or crazy faces. She looks ridiculous. It’s embarrassing! 

  • intention: to + BV (sans ing)
  • Too much : can’t count the noun ex. too much time.
  • Too many : can count it ex. too many faces

EX. Correction.

Just shar it! Selfies lesson doc

1- I’m in two minds ( j’hésite) it’s not the same for everyone. Sometimes we use social network to pretend we are happy / exaggerate // but some other times we post pictures of horrible things to draw people’s attention. 

c- Your virtual life always looks better than your real life.

2 -I agree / some people are obsessed with their image on social networks.

a- Your obsession with your online image can destroy your self-confidence. himself / herself > themselves / self-obsession // We don’t / shouldn’t need others to be self-confident.

3- I agree / b- Your virtual life is a way to have your dreams come true. EX. Amanda Todd was harassed on the Internet and she killed herself. She lied about her age and the man pretended he wasn’t a pervert.

HW Be ready for oral challenge with 10 words & do ex. Keywords + read text on selfies.

Memory challenge!

Some selfies are funny because we can make duck faces and also we can airbrush it.  memories – travel – selfie stick

With your selfie stick you can take pictures to keep memories when you travel.

When you are a teenager you take selfies all the time but sometimes you need photoshop to airbrush it to look better.

You can take pictures of yourself and share it on Snapchat or Facebook.


  • but: mais
  • whereas: tandis que
  • because : parce que
  • as : comme / car
  • so : donc
  • also: aussi

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