TSTMG 4 Sept 15th Mind Map / revisions / What makes a hero?

⎝⋋⏝⋌⎠TEST on Saturday at 9.30am before parents meeting PLEASE BE THERE! (Yes, you as well Sami!)

Hero? What is a hero?

Well according to the dictionary a hero is…

1. A MAN (why not woman? ) of distinguished courage (bravery > strong-minded/ mentally powerful) or ability ( skilled / strong / physically powerful ) ADMIRED ( famous / iconic) for brave deeds ( actions / fights ) and NOBLE qualities. ( good cause / common good / fair laws )

> REAL / existed in reality or still exists today

2. the principal ( lead / main) MALE (why not FEMALE? okay, female for HERO is HEROINE and they do exist, trust me! ) character in a play (drama piece), film, books …

> FICTITIOUS / imagined / created / legendary …

When most people think of heroes they generally think of superheroes. They think of the people who saved the day by swooping in at the last second defeating the bad guy (often called SUPERVILLAIN like The Joker or Lex Luthor) and getting the girl.

Well-known ( famous) fictional examples include Harry Potter (book hero), Batman ( comic superhero) and Mario (video game hero).

These characters all demonstrate characteristics defined by the dictionary.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that a normal person can’t be a hero. These are just examples of textbooks heroes.

Not all heroes are super, not all heroes wear capes.

There are lots of everyday heroes around us. There are people like the firefighters, police officers, paramedics, and a lot of others. These are all everyday heroes. 

A hero comes to be an object of extreme (universal?) admiration.

Some people’s heroes include teachers, authors, actors, parents, band members or athletes.

“Hero” can mean something different to everybody.

What does it mean to you?

different kinds of heroes : real or fiction / sometimes a mix of reality & fiction

superheroes vs supervillains vs real heroes 

anti-hero is a hero who shouldn’t be a hero > a loser / who doesn’t correspond to the stereotype of the ‘good’ guy. He has no superpowers but we like him!

Ex. Oscar Pistorius / Lance Armstrong or Le Déserteur

most superheroes start off as anti-heroes > loser we like because they look like us / feel like us / react like us 

MINd MAP to organize 

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 13.43.38 heroes mind map.jpg.1347364390704

Audio recording of Sami / Brandon / Charlotte & Zineb

Sami ” A hero is a man who saves the world.” ” A Black guy who gave Black people independence?” Abraham Lincoln Nelson Mandela Martin Luther King all fought for the rights of African Americans. They are idols for Black people now. They stood up for a cause, they are real historical heroes.”

Brandon ” A man who is not afraid to say what he thinks, who fights for his opinion and is funny. 2Pac funny?

When I watch his interviews he looks laid back, relaxed and cool but at the same time he was famous for his music and wasn’t afraid to talk about serious issues / stuff. He was shot in 1996.

“Do you have to be dead and get shot to be a hero?”

No, but it made him an icon, even if he was still alive today he could still be an icon for me.

Zineb ” To me a hero is someone who helps another person who is in danger, like the policeman who died because he wanted to save people during the attacks of Charlie Hebdo.”

But he is an anonymous hero because he just did something heroic and did not fight for a historical cause like Martin Luther King.

Charlotte ” A hero is heroic because of his actions, he can be a man or a woman, for example Angelina Jolie because she goes to poor countries and donates money and helps the poor.

At the same time she is a star so maybe she needs to have a good reputation? No, in my opinion she is not fake, she is a true heroine.

2015-09-15 12.10.47

2015-09-15 14.48.21


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