TSTMG 4 September 8th, Q/A interactive

Interactive Q/ A challenge!

Who did what?

What happened?

Where did it happen?

When did it happen?

Why did it happen?

New York subway / witness / panic / man / children / jump / tracks

In New York subway a man with his children jumped and saved a guy who was in front of the subway train next to a witness.

Wesley Autrey saved a man in the subway because he was in danger. The train was arriving. The man who saved the guy was a Black man with a family. Wesley jumped over the rails / tracks to save him.

It took place in 2007.

The pilot saved 155 people on the plane. The plane landed on the Hudson river in New York.

Captain Sully is an American hero, he is a normal pilot who made a difference.

HW Check the blog beeoclock.wordpress.com watch the video be ready for Q/A challenge.


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