TSTMG 4 September 5th Myths and Heroes 1

Lesson document: EVerydayheroes5:09


superman / hero / miracle / attack / captain / strong / power

  • GRammar POint !

what …? What happened?  What are we talking about?

Doc 2 – Subway Superman

Wesley Autrey saved an American guy in the subway in the US. I think it happened in 2005 but the date on YoutUbe is 2012.

Where..? Where did it happen ?

When …? When did it happen?

Who ..? Who did that ? Who did what?

why/how…? How did it happen? How did the rescue happen?

For questions:

WH + do  / does :  present (he / she / it does)

WH+ did :  past facts


What did they do ?

OR What have they done?

facts / no impact: DID

#  influence on present / consequences: HAVE + past PARTICIPLE ( do > DONE / Be > BEEN / Happen > HAPPENED)

* How do you say ……. in English?

* in the US / New York we say ” subway ”

* underground / train /  tube : London / in the UK (United Kingdom)

* which (‘qui’ dans les phrases pour les objets… ex. the miracle which happened… )

HW: Check blog, know your questions and Finish WH-questions/

Be ready for interactive Q/A

due on Tuesday, September 8th.

typed by Sofiane & Thomas edited by E.


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