1L LELE writer in his century / Animal Farm by Orwell

Question- how to represent /criticise the society thanks to writing?

animal farml fairey

Personification / allegory / satire / philosophical tale

Key info on Orwell
– b. 1903 d. 1950
– lived through WW1 and WW2
– despised British Colonial Rule even though he worked for it!
– not  British
– poor social background.
2 great books:
1984 – written to criticise totalitarianism / dystopia / anticipation
Animal Farm – political tale / speaking animals to personify dictators.


Animals at gathered in a barn in Mr Jones’ farm on Sunday Morning to vote for the acquisition of a windmill. In fact it’s about who will be the future leader. The windmill is a symbol for social progress because if they use it there will be no need for animal labour. It”s also a source of electricity so it may be a reference to the Industrial Revolution or the end of slavery. It lso means the end of forced labour and freedom.
People usually go to church on Sunday and don’t go to work so animals are associated to humans.
Two pigs are opposed. Napoleon is the winner because he uses violence
Napoleon embodies a tyrant, a dictator. He is against social progress whereas Snowball advocates freedom of speech. This scene is an allegory of a political coup or putsch because the animals are too scared to oppose Napoleon.
In the end we understand that the name Snowball can refer to weak and useless fight or innocence whereas Napoleon is powerful and frightening.
In the end Snowball has to run away to save his life, it feels like he becomes an exile, an outcast or political refugee.

Imagine 8 other rules drafted by Napoleon!
1- a special commitee of pigs must be presided by Napoléon.
2- there will be no more debates!
3- if you disagree you will get killed!


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