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Comment on Protestant Loyalist Mural in Belfast

Artists want to share their vision of reality / sometimes they pay tribute to a historical event / art works become memorials.
Some works of art are powerful because they make people aware of violent events or ideas / art becomes propaganda or an awareness campaign.
Banksy is famous for his street graffiti or stencils which are provocative political statements.

He painted a trompe l’oeil hole on the Palestinian wall for example.Infamous – tristement célèbre / spectacular / haunting / artistic / astonishing- stupéfiant / unavoidable – inévitable

Karen saw the verb ‘pense’ think on th rer station wall – it is powerful and inspirational / it urges people to think by themselves / it makes us aware of freedom of thinking or lack of it.
Eye tte remembers the Waterlilies by Monet – Impressionism was a revolution because painters painted outdoors / outside their studio thanks to paint tubes that were recently n vented.  The paint tubes of the Impressionists are the equivalent of today’s graffiti spray cans. In the past painters had to crush pigments and painted on canvas that they bought or private sponsors bought for them unlike graffiti artists who paint on public street walls.
Do you agree that street art is real art?

Reading article from the Independent, July 2008.




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