1es1 RC How to spot a fashion victim?

Fashionistas are addicted to shopping but they create their own style. Sometimes they create their identity with ‘soul’ / spirit / taste. Soul music creates / was associated with a specific style. Reggae comes from Jamaica and is a colorful style.
These women wear luxury brand and they follow fshion mindlessly. She wants to live like a model. She’s addicted to fashion regardless of the price she pays / money sh spends. 
P H is a fashion victim because she wears all the latest brands she even created her own brand.
She owns chihuahua dogs which wear the same clothes as she does / her. She looks fake / like a Barbie doll. She uses plastic surgery to look young. KK matches her daughter’s clothes to her own. N M is superficial and excentric. (More creative?) All these women want to look younger. They are streotypical fashion victims ( of men’s desire?)
Own: propre
To own: posséder
Same +n+as: le même  que
Plastic surgery: chirurgie esthétique
Even: même # same … as : le même que
Even if: meme si
Doll: poupée
HW revise for Friday / CO * yohan & Adrien


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