LMA LVA Spaces & Exchanges British Street Styles

From the late 60s to the early 80s

  •  After World War 2 : cities destroyed / unemployment / Caribbean immigrants from the West Indies > social tensions
  • Soul music : Black music influenced British soul / rock / reggae and ska.
  • Powerful black voices from slave songs and gospel traditions.
  • Eric Burden, Tom Jones and Elton John are huge fans of soul music. This music penetrates your soul and shouts out the truth.
  • British soul, ska or reggae is the result  of American jazz and Rhythm and Blues as well as Caribbean reggae and ska.
  • Is it inspiration or cultural appropriation?

Race riots in Notting Hill in London in 1958 contrary to peaceful situation in Newcastle.
Race riots – émeutes raciales

In Notting Hill because of the noise from house parties the white neighbours called the police.
5ooo people were in the streets, they set black families’ houses on fire with petrol bombs.
On the contrary, in Newcastle mine workers are compared to slave because they work for little money and go to the pub covered in black. White  teenagers in Newcastle fell in love with soul music American imports and Gospel they heard in the churches.

Don Letts

This text may be about an opposition between youth and adults /West Indians and White British
Don is first generation British born Black whereas his parents and brother came from Jamaica.
His parents tried to fit in / blend in whereas Don and Derrick were proud of their roots and created their own style.
So they didn’t get on well with their parents.


Alien : foreigner / someone who doesn’t fit in / is isolated / suffers from discrimination.
Style: own personality / refuse the norm / subvert the norm – create a sub – culture / show off your roots / cultural identity.



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