The Eye and the I autobiography

The I and the Eye
Making meaning out of the past.

Significant event – when s F was supposed to give a test result doc to a teacher and he got scared hid it and lied about it.

He got scared intimidated by the teacher and the class who stared at him so at first he panicked. But then he became over confident as he started to lie.

Teacher’s face compared to water – puzzled troubled perplexed but he doesn’t get angry / doesn’t tell him off / doesn’t realized it whereas the narrator is still haunted by his lie and still ashamed.

This anecdote urged the narrator to realized he enjoyed lying / that’s why he became an actor / But lying is a personal pride it has to be kept secret.

Narcissus and Stephen Fry both have an excessive sense of pride. They both enjoy being confident and play with their reflection / image. Actor / hypocrite. But contrary to Narcissus SF is ashamed and finds himself ugly.

Never judge a book by its cover l’habit ne fait pas le moine. To criticise and mock stereotypes Fry uses irony and the point of view of the teacher. Awfully nice – almost oxymoron / irony awe – crainte  / terriblement gentil. He reports the point of view of the teacher.
To act : jouer la comédie.

They don’t recall this is event the same way. For Fry it’s significant whereas for the teacher it’s ordinary.
Acting for him now is telling the truth because he isn’t more himself / truly
himself / more confident when he isn’t lying.


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