Lesson: ADS


Who is responsible for kids’ obesity? What is the power of ads compared to the power of our parents?

How did Black people become powerful in the 60s?

How can people protest?

Are words more powerful than violence?

Energy drink / advertising / Coke makes milk / Michelle Obama’s speech / kids obesity / junk food / consumerist / fat / TV powerful / parents powerless / brainwashed

a- alone teenagers / women / anonymous heroes + mass protests / b- leader + speeches + media

First … To start with …Then … we can mention … to compare … we can say … So … I agree… I disagree…

On one hand … but on the other hand …

To conclude.. In the end… / I strongly believe …

To me …

MYTHS & HEROES Lesson: Color Line How can anonymous people become famous?Are heroes self-determined?What’s the difference between real and fiction heroes?

Is the American Dream a Myth or a Reality?

Strong-minded / courage / stand up for a cause raise your their voices / struggle against racismCaptain America / Superman = values of the American dream (freedom / equality) > fight for a good cause / role models / set an example

historical heroes > die for their cause / sacrifice themselves / change the course of history + dark side / human

THE IDEA OF PROGRESSLesson: Color LineLesson: Addicted How did Black people change history?Is progress always on our side? What are the limits of progress?

Can we live without new technology devices?

Do all innovations make us happier, better, faster, stronger?

1865 abolition of slavery > 1896 Segregation > 1964 Civil Rights Act > 2008 Obama’s electionMartin Luther King / film Selma / Rosa Parks / Malcolm X / Ferguson / Mike Brown Addictions / lose your private life / we are watched / no more freedom / surveillance cameras / brainwashed / trapped / no face to face communication / isolation / dehumanizing process / destruction a- victims / segregation/ discrimination / Jim Craw Lawsb- So … stand up for a cause / to change laws by breaking laws Ex. Rosa Parks

But … alone so she needed people

> bus boycott / Martin Luther King / mass protests / speeches

c- In the end > segregation is over but racism / Ferguson

  • Commencez par annoncer le titre de la notion et en donnant une définition. Qu’est ce que cette notion évoque pour vous?
To begin with … So … To start with … let’s define the notion …”
  • Annoncez votre problématique (si possible sous forme de question) et ensuite annoncez votre démarche pour répondre à cette problématique
So what are the milts of technological progress? First I will mention a text we studied called ‘technoslave’ and then I will mention a text on full body scans and surveillance cameras …
  • Annoncez les thèmes étudiés pendant l’année en lien avec cette notion
(power / Progress)We’ve studied documents related to Back people’s history and the civil rights movement / we mentioned what happened in Ferguson … (Progress) We’ve worked on the dangers of tech-addictions … (Power) We saw videos and listened to audio documents on the power of advertising …”
  • Présentez vos documents en suivant le plan annoncé, en utilisant des mots de liaison et en expliquant vos idées et arguments à chaque étape.
So I’d like to talk about a video we saw on Rosa Parks when she refused to give up her seat on the bus… it was in 1955 in Montgomery …
Also I will mention the famous speech I have a Dream by Martin Luther King …”
    • Most of the documents we studied are on / TSTMG
  • Justifiez avec des exemples concrets tirés des documents travaillés en cours et illustrez avec une citation si possible
  • Faites votre conclusion en donnant votre opinion et en élargissant le thème. C’est le moment d’aborder un point que vous aimeriez aborder pendant la phase d’interaction (conversation).
So in the end … to conclude … I think … I believe …

planning oraux mme lecatre


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