TSTMG Idea of Progress March 3rd

March 3rd, 2015



Bac blanc impressions? Doable (faisable) so so (moyen) too difficul (trop dur)

Common theme > progress / new technology / addiction


“New technology devices / gadgets (high tech innovations, smartphones, laptops (ordi portables) are the best of technological progress but we have become addicted to them! They have become the most important thing for us / they have changed our lives. (life sg / lives pl. )

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 23.16.23


to express an evolution / a change / a link between the past and today >> use present perfect :

HAVE + Past Participle.

Ex. have changed / have become.

Kid’s point of view > addicted to video games

He thinks reality is the same as his video games / is copied from his video games.

In fact / actually (en réalité) his video games imitate / represent / copy reality.

They are true to life / realistic.

They seem / feel (ont l’air) so (tellement) real that he can’t make the difference between real life and virtual life.

  • to be able to speak with friends > be able to : capacité
  • in the past we were not able to speak with far away friends, now we can thanks to Skype!

I can speak with my friends online, don’t worry! (t’inquiète)

I’m in the know! I’m connected!

Thanks to my video games I’m able to learn foreign languages faster! …

I need my smartphone to listen to music on the RER!

Video games are fun! TV series are entertaining (divertissant) after school!

Mum’s point of view > worried!

  • isn’t able to / can’t : il n’est pas capable de / il ne peut pas
  • unhealthy / bad for your health
  • worried (inquiète)
  • eyeache / headache
  • addictive
  • you loose your social life

    ( en français un ‘no life’ en anglais ‘ a no lifer ‘ ‘weirdo’ ‘nerd’ ‘techaholic’)

  • doesn’t have any friends / any social life > vicious circle
  • bad for school marks
  • lack of sleep
  • isolating
  • an introvert / a shy guy
  • brainwashed

I’m really worried about you, you know… your games are too violent …”


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