Wanted! Al Capone LVA January 29th.

Al Capone

  • 1- Find an appropriate title for Part 2.

The Rise of Al Capone in Chicago.

How Scarface climbed the gangster ladder

  • 2- What were Al Capone’s 3 first jobs in Chicago?

Bouncer – bagman – bodyguard

  • 3- What influence did Big Jim have on him?

Taught him how to be stylish / have posh tastes / go to the opera

  • 4- What business did he want to set up? Why? Who with?

Was he successful?

He wanted to set up his own business so first he set up a legitimate furniture dealer business but then he wanted to set up a bootlegging business with Colossimo who refused. His business was successful in the end.

  • 5- What happened on May 11th, 1920?

Reformulate with your own words.

Torrio and Capone set up a trap to kill Colossimo because he prevented them from running their bootlegging operations and rule over Chicago’s underworld.

  • 6- “ Pappa Torrio was the brain while Scarface provided the muscles.”

reformulate with active verbsto explain how they worked together.

  • Contrary to Torrio who planned the operations, Al Capone was always ready to fight.

  • Al Capone used to do the dirty work, unlike Torrio.
  • Torrio was clever in his operations whereas Al Capone was not very subtle.
  • 7- Complete Al Capone’s mugshot with the correct details.

Alphonse Capone was born in 1899 / has Italian origins but was born in Brooklyn

Short, chubby, scary, > born to be a gangster / powerful / well-built /

impressive /


scars on the left side of his face

His nickname is ‘Scarface’

looks like a bouncer / bodyguard / the Devil himself

good sense of style / silk suits and classy / smart hats

most dangerous man in New York / Chicago / he works with the mob / the mafia

he’s famous for traps / attempted murder / extortion /

alcohol trafficking / prostitution

Be careful if you see him, he can shoot you /

he is a cold-blooded murderer / he will not hesitate to shoot

Beware the mobsters!


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