Hitting the Headlines! Tom’s lesson!

HW for Tuesday

Finish doc + vote for best article on blog + design front page



  • We listened to a conversation between Todd and Simon.
  • This dialogue was about newspapers / T & S spoke about (news)papers.
  • There was an earthquake but no victim / no one died
  • On busy trains you can’t fold your newspaper or turn the pages.
  • Stories are cut between the front page and the middle pages.
  • Simon reads the headlines in the front page and the sports news on the back page whereas Todd is frustrated because he can’t read the whole article.
  • They both read the news everyday, but Simon prefers sports news to world news.
  • Todd agrees that world news are always bad.
  • They both have trouble reading on crowded trains when they go to work.
  • On Tuesday we posted our articles on the blog.
  • It was difficult because the Internet connection was horribly slow !
  • We need to read all the articles and decide what we want on the paper version’s front page!


Headphones ? Where? When? Why?

Ask every student to describe his/her use of headphones. 3 sentences each.

Ex. I usually listen to my MP3 on the bus to school. / when I’m on my own …

I often use my headphones to distance myself from my parents… when I’m bored…

as soon as : dès que

crowd: la foule

whereas: while

usually : la plupart du temps

often: souvent

always: tout le temps

to walk around: se déplacer

whenever I want: quand je le veux/ wherever: où je veux

to entangle emmêler / to be tangled up: être emmêlé.

harmful for your ears / unhealthy / dangerous

I don’t use any headphones because I don’t have any!

I need my headphones to relax.

I only use my headphones at home when I watch videos.

I usually use my headphones in the morning to be in a good mood.

I always use my headphones to go to school.

I use my headphones whenever and wherever except in the classroom.

Sometimes it’s harmful to your ears and it’s dangerous because you can have an accident.

HW  document




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