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It seems that photography helped the United States visualize the possibility of Black folks as proper citizens, fully engaged citizens of our democracy.

Douglas was very very hopeful, very optimistic about the new technology of photography. He imagined that pictures would necessarily yield a certain kind of social and political and cultural progress not just for African Americans but for the nation as a whole. He saw it as a way for the country to see African Americans in a new light, to see African Americans free, to see African Americans as fully enfranchised citizens of the United states.

On the other hand there are a number of accounts, a number of instances, a number of other histories that show photography has also had the capacity to be repressive, to be oppressive to African Americans.

Certainly photography was used by scientists to promote a great many lies and fictioon about race in the United States.

A great many American soldiers posed for portraits and those portraits I think were also announcements as it were, by African American soldiers that they were equally heroic, that their sacrifices were equal to their white counterparts.

Obama = > African Americans to vote for him / 2012 election campaign

this month = Black history month

> occasion to consider progress we’ve made / sacrifices of so many + commit to challenges we face now

evday I think of generat° of Af Am who overcam slavery / oppression / risked their own safety to cast a ballot (to vote)

even gave up their lives to help build a country / founding principles

extraordinary hope / determination > changed this country

their efforts = sbody like me to B here 2day

this is another moment > decide what kind of country we want 2 B

1/ a country shrinking nber of people do really well / or 2 / build a country where evbody get a fair shot / evbody does their faire share / evbody plays by  the same rules

campaign powered by folks at every level / takg ownership where it matters most / ard the kitchen table / in barber shops and beauty salons / faith community / at work / at school

we are greater together than we can ever be on our own

visit AfricanAmerican.BarackObama.com 4 more info abt all teh ways you can get involved

say you’re ready to keep making history

 Obama = African Americans to vote for him / 2012 election campaign


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