2ndes Gerund V+ Ing ex corrections + cartoon study + revisions!

HW revise cartoon / Charlie vocab + V+ing

Cartoon study

The cartoon Joana, Marine and Marion chose shows Muhammad who is crying because he realizes some of his followers are silly. This cartoon is one of the cause / responsible for the cartoonist’s death. Muhammad is the symbol of the Muslim religion, he is the equivalent of Jesus for the Catholics. For extreme islamists, writing about or drawing the Prophet is forbidden because they identify the image / symbol with what it represents. For them it’s a crime against God to represent their Prophet. They think it is a sacred character that we shouldn’t represent because representing something sacred is considered as impure. So when the cartoonists from Charlie Hebdo drew satirical cartoons about their Prophet they were furious because their beliefs were attacked.

But not all Muslim people agree with them.

In France and at school we promote freedom of speech because we believe everyone should be allowed to express themselves. We understand the cartoons were controversial but no one should die for their opinion.

On Sunday more than 1 million people demonstrated in Paris as a tribute to the dead cartoonists, policemen and Jewish victims of the terrorists. Emilie’s photograph is really moving and powerful

Written by 210 and 203 students on January 13th, 2015.

where we can read / which says : où on peut lire / qui dit que …

Grammar ex. corrections

  • I’m looking forward to + Ving / I can’t wait + Ving : j’ai hâte de / je suis impatient à l’idée de
  • I feel like + Ving : j’ai bien envie de …
  • It is worth + Ving : ça vaut la peine de …
  • I can’t stand + Ving : je ne supporte pas …
  • I’m fed up with + Ving : j’en ai ras le bol de …
  • I can’t help + Ving: je ne peux pas m’empêcher de …
  • keep on / carry on + Ving: continuer à
  • Instead of + Ving: au lieu de
  • enjoy + Ving: apprécier
  • prevent so. from + Ving: empêcher qq’un de faire qqchose
  • to allow : enable so. to do sthg: permettre à qq’un de faire qqchose
  • to argue: se disputer
  • loud # quiet
  • to keep in touch: garder le contact
  • useful # useless: utile # inutile
  • obedient # disobedient : obéissant # désobéissant
  • powerful # powerless : puissant # impuissant
  • reliable # unreliable : fiable # pas fiable

I’m looking forward to chating with you on the Internet tonight.

I feel like buying the latest tablet.

This brand new app is worth trying.

They can’t stand being tagged on Facebook.

She is fed up with people speaking too loud on their phones on the train.

She can’t help arguing with her parents about her cell phone.

If you keep on / carry on spending this much time in front of your computer, you will have a headache.

Instead of going out with her friends, she surfs the Net every night.

I can’t stand / hate hearing a cellphone ringing / ring when I’m on the subway (Am) / tube (En).

He loves / enjoys creating / designing computer games.

Having a computer in your bedroom prevents you from doing your homework.

I can’t wait / I’m looking forward to discovering new applications.

Selecting your friends on the Internet is worthwhile. / It‘s worth selecting your friends on the Internet.

Creating a profile allowed me / enabled me to keep in touch with my foreign friends / my friends abroad.T



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