1S5 October 13th. Video Study / Checklist

Your mission: Create your ad checklist and decide on your evaluation grid.

Homework: for Wednesday: prepare a draft / ideas and group to start working on your ad / video.

I guess we’re going to watch commercials created by students. Maybe they are advertising for sneakers, or weight loss pills or even travel.

Misleading commercials / telling lies about fake products / exaggeration / humour > persuasion techniques / caricatures / parody / spoof ads

b- Watch the video and make a list of good and bad sides. Explain why.

This commercial is not convincing because everything is fake.

This commercial is great because it’s funny. The guy’s face makes us laugh. It looks like a real TV commercial except we know the product doesn’t exist.

Before / After > transformation of the pill into food / see the product in action / crash tests

James Bond’s soundtrack > attractive / famous / dynamic : great music choice

The only problem is they don’t speak.

Check for mistakes.

There isn’t any price.

Commercial but also a parody.

Video 2 – very short / Too short > 1min min of speaking.

– good accessories > Hawaiian shirt / pillow under shirt

Speaking > sounds authentic / flow / not really convincing

Not funny / not attractive / boring

no music / visual effects are basic

sound is blurred

The side effects are revealed by a voice over. > if you swallow the pill, you will get sick.

Good slogan but side effects & voice over are not selling the product.

> not a very good parody

Video 3

  • features so. Pretending to be a real customer / fat / tired of jogging
  • voice over addresses her directly / asking questions
  • crash tests / to show the product in action
  • interview so. pretending to be an expert
  • at the end you get a cheap way to order the product + parody of very small writing / misleading info

– price / slogan

Checklist > things you need to do to create the perfect ad!

  • exaggeration ( superlatives the most + adj long / -est + adj court Ex. The most gorgeous / the coolest )) > to describe the productt
  • how to use the product / crash tests / someone showing / wearing the product
  • testimonials / experts / star (so. Pretending to be a stra)
  • voice over > describing the action
  • catchy slogan / logo / jingle
  • visual effects / accessories
  • music
  • discounts / goodies

If you choose to create a poster, you can use this template:

template ad

Grid > criteria / point system 

For video groups of 4 max

For poster 2 max

Groups of 4 max

> each one of you must speak for at least 1 min

> googledrive / usb key so that I can watch it with NAME / CLASS

> .mp4 / .wma / .flv

Poster > present your poster and speak for 1 min each.

/ 20

Slogan / Tag-line > 3 points

Creativity / Parody / makes me laugh / convincing >> 4 points

Contents / Organization / techniques used > 4points

Language > 6 points

adj / vocabular

grammar / verbs / syntax


3 points from jury .

Due on Monday, November 10th.


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