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LELE LMA September 24th.

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, written in 1886 by R. L. Stevenson.

This novella / series of embedded stories. (récit enchassé.)

frame story > récit cadre

1st person narrative > belongs to the point of Jekyll. > diary

Witness accounts > tell the story of Hyde’s crimes.

Letters sent between the narrator / Jekyll …

All-seeing point of view of the external narrator.

We follow the story like a detective. We investigate about Dr Jekyll.

Extract 1 “The Story of the Door”

2 characters > in the street

odd / strange / weird door. > eye opener / a way to lead you in the story / frame

Utterson asks about the ‘story of the door’

Enfield’s story

He is in the street / 3 in the morning / middle of the night / so empty

he starts feeling scared. He wishes for the police to be around.

He saw 2 people = a man and a little girl ( 8 years old) > she is running

The ‘little man’ trampled calmy’ over her > he walks on her and he doesn’t feel bad about it.

The narrator catches him, takes him back to the ‘crime’ scene. The little man is calm whereas the girl is frightened. The narrator / Enfield finds him so ugly he is scared / sweating.

‘gentleman’ is used > sign of irony

as emotional as a bagpipe > humour

(reference to Stevenson’s origins?)

The narrator finds himself mirrored in the doctor

> they both want to kill him but they are respectable Victorian gentlemen so they end up protecting the creature from the women who are ‘harpies’.

Hyde is hiding in this extract behind a series of metaphors / running metaphors.

He is compared to Satan. He is evil, he is scary.

HW For October 1st

– Divide your sheet of paper in two columns

on the left : imagine you’re writing about your day from the point of view of

Dr Jekyll (calm, respectable, rational … )

on the right : imagine you’re writing about your day from the point of view of someone who looses her / his temper easily, gets angry and is quick to react instinctively. (Mr Hyde)

Ready to print ! chap1&2jekyll


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