LMA LELE 1ères L September 24th Science Fiction trailers

LELE – The Imaginary // Time and Space in Science Fiction

Wednesday, September 24th.


1ères September 24th.

The Imaginary > Science Fiction

Utopia: an ideal society.

A place where no one will be poor. No one will commit any crime …

ACTIVITY 1 – Science Fiction Voice Over Trailers.

1- Do you know any of these films? Common points / differences? // 2- How would you sum up the hero’s quest or situation?

Common points

  • These films all have visual effects.

The main character / protagonist / hero is a man in all 3 films.

They feature an intense / radical / impressive science fiction setting / story.


  • Gattaca is about human genetics. People are genetically modified to be perfect.

It seems to take place on another planet. We can notice a chromosome

/ DNA shape on the poster so maybe it’s about genetics.

  • Minority Report takes place in a world deprived of / without any crime.

In the world of Minority Report the police uses women in a laboratory

to predict / foresee the future and especially future crimes.

The police can arrest people before they commit their crimes. It prevents them from committing their crimes.

  • Star Wars is the story of a young boy who is looking

for his father while the galaxy is at war.

We can see robots, aliens and fluorescent blades.

I guess in star wars we follow the story of a young boy. In Star Wars

the characters all live on a different planet, apart from Ian Solo ( Harrison Ford) they’re all aliens.

2- How would you sum up the hero’s quest or situation?

3- Watch the trailers and note down key words.

Princess / during the civil war / last weapon / destroy all the planets / the evil galactic empire / freedom to the galaxy / Death star / rebel spies / space station / spaceship/ stars / sinister agents / join in the battle

determine / determined by / DNA / drop of blood / a single hair / borrowing / cells / recognize me / servant / betrayed / who you should marry / identity / perfection / society / success /

4- Use these key words and future tense verbs to create your own sci-fi film trailer. Describe the place, the people, the government. Choose between a Utopia or Dystopia. Announce your plot.

5- Read and correct. Record your trailer on my phone recorder.


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