1S5 Teamwork HW

HW – for Monday  22nd.

Oral Challenge: Be ready to present your best / worst ad orally! Use adjectives and explain why it’s effective.

” The best commercial for us is the panda cheese ad because it relies on a running gag so facbook-like-and-share-thumbs-upit’s very funny, it makes us laugh every time. It’s a brilliant and clever persuasion technique based on emotions. First we think the panda looks cute but then we realize it’s scary and mean. The panda who is usually cute and defenseless here reacts in a very evil way so we are surprised. The music adds on to  / intensifies the emotional appeal.

“The worst ad is the glisser glass spray ad because it’s a picture and we are more attracted to video commercials. It’s less effective because it only shows a fish in a fish tank with a helmet on. It’s not very hard to create an ad like this one, it’s not very creative. ”

by Elena, Lucas, Mathieu S. and Gaëtan edited by E.

Once the customers have seen this commercial, next time they go shopping they could imagine they are in the same situation.

by Mathieu L., Samuel, Emma and Stella, edited by E.

The best commercial for us is the Deal.no video beamer ad because it’s very powerful. In fact it only lasts for 34 seconds. Moreover the viewer is surprised by the dog’s reaction which is very funny and unexpected. We think this commercial is the most compelling.

by Ismaïl, Olivier, Antoine and Elise edited by E.

The worst commercial in our opinion is the IPhone 6 commercial as there isn’t any slogan, it isn’t funny or clever, it’s just boring.

by Audrey, Astrid, Valentin and Salomé.


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