210 – 203 Unit 1 – You’ve Got Talent! Session 1

Wednesday, September 17th.

203 – 210


HW on Friday > Placement Test

for Tuesday > check the blog for voc / check emails listen to mp3 and do ex. on separate paper with your name.

CO 1. The Big Brother House.

The Big Brother House HW CO 2

Teamwork = Discuss Reality TV Shows and rules.


They have to / must

contestants: concurrents

the viewers / the audience

to get hurt / injured

Total Wipe Out

5 contestants

prize 50 000 dollars

In C’s opinion Total Wipe Out isn’t dangerous.

because the contestants have helmets and protections.

It’s the best American show because it’s very funny.

We like watching the contestants when they fall in the mud.

The prize is quite impressive.

It’s all about action and competition.

Compared to Big Brother or the Real Housewives in Total Wipe Out things are really happening.

In Big Brother (Loft / Secret Story) the people are told to do or react in a certain way, there is a script written in advance.

Britain’s Got Talent is a talent show. You must perform. You can dance, sing, act

The prize is very interesting because it’s 100 000 dollars. The contestants want to be rich and famous. Pop Idol and the X Factor are also a talent shows, they are the same as B. G. T. . If you win, you get a label contract with a music company to release your own record.

Masterchef it’s a cooking competition. You have to cook great dishes to impress the jury. They make a lot of drama for no reason.


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