203 – 210 Sessions 2 – 3 September 12th

Wednesday, September 10th.

Class rules

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 14.57.44

What would you say if you were the teacher?

You mustn’t read comics in class!

You mustn’t chew gum!

Don’t be late!

Don’t wear headphones!

Don’t write on the table!

Don’t speak with your neighbours !

Don’t use your phone unless the teacher allows it!

Unless: sauf si

allow: autoriser

if: si

behaviour: comportement

wrong : incorrect

Sanctions! If you do something wrong:

If you don’t listen in class, you have to do extra homework.

If you’re late for the first time you get an oral warning. You have to explain in English why you’re late.

If you do two things wrong, you get a warning in your contact book for your parents and 1h detention or extra homework depending on your behaviour.

MUST / HAVE TO : obligation

SPEED DATING ACTIVITY to find your best work partner.

  • Questions?

What’s your name?

How old are you?

What’s your favourite school topic?

What do you like doing in your free time?

Where do you live? Where do you come from?

Do you drive? Have you got a car?

How good are you in English?

  • Ask 3 questions min. and find common points.

EX. Miss L. and Romain

We are not good partners because we don’t have any common points .

We can work together because we like the same topic / we both like English.

the same … as : le même … que

S + both + V : Tous les deux …

….., so do I : tout comme moi.

Friday, September 12th.

HW for Tuesday

Revise lesson 1 – 2 – 3

Listen + write on doc. Documents for homework:  HW 1

I will pick out 5 works so write your name on your paper!

Stick your year plan in your notebook! 

Be prepared for Placement Test on Friday next week.







  • Obligation?

must / have …to + V

  • Common Points

Miss L. and Romain

We can work together because we like the …same topic / we …both like English.

5 questions oral + convince me / find your best partner.

1- Romain – likes doing sports

  • lives Ollainville
  • not good in English
  • We are not good partner because we haven’t got / don’t have any common points .

Speed-dating activity

Find your ideal working partner!

Imagine what partner you need: give adjectives

Ex. I need someone organized / smart / …

Find 3 questions you need to ask:

Are you more … than me ?

Where do you … ?

Do you like … ?

Take notes and find 1 ideal partner


1- Amélie : likes studying – good at maths – doesn’t live far away

2- Pierre : doesn’t like studying – isn’t organized – lives too far away

3- Benjamin ….

Ready ? Let’s go ! // Time’s up !

Convince me that X is your best partner:


I think my perfect partner is X because she likes … so do I. ”

We don’t live far away and she’s more organized than me so she can help me! “

We are not good partner because we …haven’t got / don’t have any common points .

We can work together because we like the …same topic / we …both like English.

owl_notesWe think we are the perfect match ! Nous faisons la paire

whereas she likes … : tandis que

confident: sûr de soi

I was born / je suis né

we were born : nous sommes nés

almost: presque

dish : plat

pâtes: pasta


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