1S5 Session 1 Monday Sept, 8th. Grp 1 + 2

Getting to know you!

Intro Today’s menu! owl_notes

Hw Send email about you to beeoclock@gmail.com

Send me a picture of you that shows who you are. Don’t forget your class + name! Write a small paragraph about you including 5 things you like / 5 things you hate Convince me X is your best partner! (Oral)

Check lesson notes on Beeoclock.wordpress.com 1 folder or notebook with 4 different parts.

If you prefer your ‘trieur’ just make sure you have the documents from the lesson before and sheets of paper. Write date + notions, be organized! When I ask you to, bring your notebook, workbook and folder with you! 1 book for 2 is okay but if you forget, the 2 get the blame!  

Teacher? What’s the best / worst teacher like for you? The worst teacher for me is someone …” who gives too much hw / who is always angry /(#hungry) / doesn‘t explain the lesson very well / who is selfish / self-centred / speaks to him/herself / who is not happy to go to work / who focuses on/ favours some students / who is boring / who doesn’t  take you into consideration – doesn’t explain things clearly / who is messy

The best teacher for me is someone …” who is passionate / nice / with common points helpful / good at teaching / open-minded / friendly / dynamic / energetic who is funny / makes you laugh / who is always here / who never misses any lessons someone who has a good personality / someone who listens to students / who gives good marks if we deserve it / who is nice with the students / someone who is passionate / someone (who) we can trust / who doesn’t give a lot of homework / How would you say … in English?

Class Rules? messy-class What would you say if you were the teacher? ” You mustn’t read comics in class!” You mustn’t chew gum! Don’t be late! Don’t wear headphones! Don’t write on the table! Don’t speak with your neighbours ! Don’t chew gum! Don’t use your phone unless the teacher allows you to !

What sanctions would you give?

If we’re late with an excuse > we apologize in English and it’s ok.

But no excuse, we’re out! Oral warning >for the 1st time

extra homework for 2nd time / word in contact book > vote next time!

1h detention with English work + comment in your contact book if you get crazy!


Speed Dating

Find your ideal working partner! Imagine what partner you need: give adjectives Ex. I need someone organized / smart / …

Find 3 questions you need to ask:

Are you more … than me ?

Where do you … ?

Do you like … ?

Get ready ! When I stand up you can change seats. Take notes and find 1 ideal partner

Ex: 1- AmScreen Shot 2014-08-09 at 11.04.56élie : likes studying – good at maths – doesn’t live far away 2- Pierre : doesn’t like studyingisn’t organized – lives too far away 3- Benjamin ….

Who’s your best partner? Be convincing! > to finish orally next time! I think my perfect partner is X because she likes … so do I, we don’t live far away and she’s more organized than me so she can help me! “

Typed by Matthieu, Ismail & E.



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