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A horoscope is an astrological chart or diagram representing the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets. The word horoscope is derived from Greek words meaning “a look at the hours” (horoskopos, pl. horoskopoi, or “marker(s) of the hour.”)

It is used as a method to guess or predict events or personality traits relating to your birth date.  The methods used to make interpretations are generally considered pseudo-scientific yet many people enjoy reading their horoscope in newspapers such as tabloids.


Listening Comprehension – horoscope!



00’00 – 00’40

You have no idea how blessed you are right now Pisces! In both imagination and the ability to make a dream come true! You have class, vision and grace all on your side! Oh and your friends? You’ve got a gazillion willing to help your network: MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, whatever online community you might be a part of, is going to give you some kind of gift today! Look for it! A new friend you make today might be the one who changes your life forever! Well this is Jessa Diez, keep checking back for your daily dose of horoscope, right here on cosmicsky.tv!

00’44 – 1’52

Greetings Aquarius and Aquarius Rising, this is your Western forecast for May 2014. Education and job training will be highlighted. And in fact you could be starting a new job and needing to learn the task that comes with it it or you could be looking to start your own business that could also encompass a good deal of new learning and experiences. Not only could you be expanding your mind, but you could expand it physically by travelling that would be good for business as well as for pleasure. Creative writing, music, acting or speaking engagements can also be highlighted as you will seek to express yourself more creatively. But if you don’t think you have any artistic aspirations, you may discover a new interest in one of these creative fields. And your focus on entertainment could provide you with some enjoyable days by attending concerts or plays.

1’58 – 2’32

Cancer this should be a good day in your profession. The cosmic sky has you in the spot light somehow and whether or not your famous is beside the point. You will on some level be known for what you do today. Let me be clear, this doesn’t mean you’re going to be on TV or become an overnight celebrity. It could just mean that people in your little part of the world will say : “Hey, awesome job!” You’re noticed, enjoy the glory – big or small! Well this is Jessa Diez, keep checking back for your daily dose of horoscope, right here on cosmicsky.tv!

2’40 – 3’43

Greetings Scorpio and Scorpio Rising, this is your Western forecast for May 2014. The past several months, many of you has felt as if you’d been spinning in place and going nowhere fast. You will be making progress and moving forwards again this month. But you still have much to catch up, prepare and develop before you feel you are completely out of the woods, which will clear and open up for you by the end of July. If you’ve been looking for a job this could be the month when you find one or when you begin attracting more work projects. Career training would be a good opportunity to enhance your future prospects unless a new job is training you. Plus marketing your business with a new approach could bring you better results and perhaps a business trip could also open up doors.



Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 08.43.15Activity 1 – Reading comprehension – ADJECTIVES

Most adjectives are constructed from verbs or nouns roots ( racine ). We just add a suffix and it changes the meaning (sens) and also the grammatical category. Most suffixes also mean something. So if you know its meaning, you can create adjectives!

-able (and -ible) has the meaning ‘can be done’ or ‘able to’ (capable de )

loveable: aimable, sympa

changeable: changeant, variable, lunatique

adaptable: qui s’adapte

-ful often means ‘full of + the meaning of the adjective:

hateful : haineux

resentful: rancunier

faithful: fidèle

peaceful: paisible, calme

 -less means ‘without’ + the meaning of the adjective:

fearless: intrépide

reckless: casse-cou


athletic, energetic, heroic, basic,

dogmatic: ferme dans ses opinions, catégorique:


selfish : égoïste , childish: puéril

– ed

warm-hearted: chalheureux (warm : chaud / heart: coeur)

black-eyed : aux yeux noirs

blond-haired: aux cheveux blonds

broad-minded: large d’esprit (broad: large / mind: esprit)

quick-witted: à l’esprit vif

– ing

loving: tendre, affectueux

cunning: fûté

grudging: qui garde facilement une dent contre quelqu’un

– ous

Pompous : démonstratif, grandiloquent

envious / jealous


cautious: précautionneux

-y (Warning! -ty = noun: liberty , nationality … and envy ! )

bossy: qui aime donner des ordres

foolhardy: casse-cou


shrewd: aiguisé, pointu

daredevil: tête brûlée, joue avec le feu

to be in a bad mood: / moody: lunatique

Adjectives exercises

A1 > A2  ADJ ex A1 A2

B1 Adjectives formed with suffixes

Reading Comprehension 2 = Predictions!

Oral cosmicsky.tv solo!

Markers of future:

be going to + BV > planning / certainty


I’m going to run. – You are / “You’re going to run”. – She is / “She’s going to run”.


I’m not going to run / “I ain’t going to run.”


Am I going to run? Are you … ? Is she… ?

Will + BV > prediction / choice


I will become a star.

I won’t become a star.

Will I become a star?

Markers of Probability

Must + BV 99% sure

May + BV 70% sure

Might+ BV 50% sure


Markers of suggestion and advice

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 13.46.50

must + BV : order ( à ne pas conondre avec forte probabilité! )

should+ bv : strong recommendation

ought to : moral recommendation

had better / had rather + bv : advice

could + bv / why not + bv : friendly recommendation

A2 EX A1-A2 ex advice

B1 EX :  https://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/en/english-grammar/verbs/modal-verbs/ability-permission-requests-and-advice

Hypothetically speaking : Pairwork


Hypothetically Speaking


Hypothetical situations are situations that are not true. We speak hypothetically when we are talking about situations that are imaginary, impossible, untrue, unreal, improbable, or unlikely. When we speak hypothetically, we use the past tense and would. Here are some examples:

Imagine you were invisible, where would you go?

If I were invisible, I would spy on my girlfriend.

Suppose you became the president of your country.

What law would you make?

If I were the president I would make a law to

protect the environment.

Say you had a time machine. Where would you go?

I would go to see the dinosaurs.

What if a genie gave you three wishes?

What would you wish for?

I would wish for 1,000,000 dollars.

If you saw a ghost, what would you do?

I would run away.

Underline the past tense and would.

When we introduce hypothetical situations, we often use the following expressions:

If. . .

Suppose . . .

Say . . .

Imagine . . .

What if . . .








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