2GT3 Fairy Tale Characters / Guess who?

January 30th – 31st


With the help of Théophile

Hello everyone !

So did you do your homework ?

What was it about?

Okay put your finger up please!


Can you give me the names of your character? Louis?

Pinocchio – a liar – long nose short – made of wood

Puss in Boots – cute – ginger – big bubbly eyes


Now we will create a set of cards to play Guess who

Can you tell me the rules of Guess who? ( Qui est-ce?)

  • We need to ask questions to find our partner’s secret character.
  • Use physical / mental description > need vocabulary

+ YES/ NO questions


  1. Is your character a girl? a boy? Yes, he/ she is. No, he/she isn’t.
  2. Does he have glasses?” Yes, he does. / No, he doesn’t.
  3. Is he scary? Ugly? …”

Yes, he is. / No, he isn’t.

  1. Is he wearing a hat? Yes, he is. No, he isn’t.>> to answer we repeat the auxiliary from the question.

    Key vocabulary:

Overalls: une salopette

Braces: des bretelles

Wood sticks: batons

A hood: un chaperon

A shawl: un châle

Slippers: chaussons

A trowel: une truelle

A straw hat : un chapeau de paille

A moustache : une moustache

Boots : bottes

Fangs : des crocs

A scarf : une écharpe / petit foulard

Un diadème : a tiara

A crown : couronne

A jacket : une veste

Stockings : des bas

An axe : une hache

A feather : une plume

Ears : oreilles

A skirt : une jupe

Tight : serré

Hooves : sabots

A necklace : un collier

stockings: des bas

tights: les collants

Country mouse / Town mouse / The Bear / The Prince / The Frog / The Princess

Card set 2- Hansel / Gretel / the Witch /The Queen / Snow White / The Hunter

Card set 3- Straw Pig / Wood Pig / Brick Pig / The Wolf / The Little Red Riding Hood / The Granny


Ex on adjectives + add new characters to your set of cards (x2 players)

+ revise questions on blog

Absence E. Lecatre le 7 / 02 et le 10/03


January 30th cards

check images here : http://caravanshoppe.com/2013/11/03/new-fairy-tale-olliblocks/


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