LMA LVA The Idea of Progress BAC DOCUMENTS

Download PDF file with all the documents pre-formatted for bac interview.



List of Documents studied in class:


Issue: Genetics

Nature: Trailer of science fiction film.

Title: Gattaca.

Author: Andrew Niccol.

Date: 1997.


Nature: Extract from fiction novel

Title: My Sister’s Keeper

Author: Jodi Picoult

Date: 2004.


Nature: Newspaper article from the Telegraph.

Title: ‘Saviour sibling’ cures sick older brother.

Author: Nick Britten

Date: 2011.


Issue: Environment

Nature: Awareness campaign frame to frame animation.

Title: Global Warming for Kids.

Author: World Wildlife Fund, Brazil.

Date: 2008.


Nature: Trailer of documentary film

Title: An Inconvenient Truth

Author: Al Gore

Date: 2006.


Issue: Social media

Nature: News report on New technologies in Kenya

Title: Twitter in Kenya

Author: France 24

Date: 2012


Nature: News report on New technologies in Kenya

Title: Kenyan Women Create Their Own ‘Geek Culture’

Author: NPR

Date: 2012


Nature: Blogpost

Title: Twitter revolution: How the Arab Spring was helped by social media.

Author: Saleem Kassim

Date: 2013


Nature: Video Animation

Title: The world is obsessed with Facebook.

Author: Alex Trimpe

Date: 2011


Suggestions for Personal Documents:


Frankenstein, Shelley.

Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep?, K. Dick.

1984, Orwell.

Brave New World, Huxley.

Fahrenheit 451, Bradbury.



Metropolis, Fritz Lang.

Modern Times, Chaplin.

Brazil, Terry Gilliam.

Blade Runner, Ridley Scott.



The Vitruvian Man, Da Vinci, 1485.

The Drunkards progress: from the first glass to the grave, Currier, 1846.

Rain, Steam, and Speed, Turner, 1844.

American Progress, John Gast, 1872.

BLAST, by Wyndham Lewis and friends, 1915.

Campbell Soup, Warhol, 1968.


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